“We at THE ROYAL BLUE are fully aware of our responsibility towards guests, employees, local community and environmental issues. We are totally committed to improve a sustainable development that includes “reduce – reuse – recycle”. This are crucial cornerstones of our corporate philosophy and provide major contributions to your overall holiday experience.”


Our policy is to conduct our business in a manner which ensures:

  • The implementation of all necessary actions for the protection of the environment
  • Fair treatment of all our employees and guests
  • The maintenance of high standards in all matters relating to Quality and Health & Safety in the working environment
  • The transparency of our business policies and practices by meeting all relevant legislation and by keeping ethical best business practices throughout our operations
  • The encouragement of our business partners to reach our company’s standards
  • The continuous improvement of our corporate and social responsibility strategy

THE sustainability POLICY

As a priority we set realistic goals, according to local considerations and development, so that environmental measures and actions will not undermine the quality of the existing product.

Environmental measures will feature in order of priority: a) the use of local recycled, recyclable materials b) energy and water saving, c) minimizing and re-using waste and d) controlling air / soil / water pollution.

We support the conservation and protection of the landscape, wildlife and historical resources near the property will have priority over other regional or general projects.
Increase level of awareness of environmental issues within own organization, to local residents, hotel guests and business partners.

Have included improved environmental considerations in all new building and renovation plans.

To balance financial benefits from waste management and energy saving against increased initial costs of other improvements.

We are totally committed to:

  • Conserve natural resources
  • Use environmental-friendly technology
  • Adapt our operation to regional characteristics & conditions
  • Minimize negative impacts of our activity
  • Reduce - reuse - recycle


Environmental-friendly technologies

  • energy save lamps
  • moving sensors in less frequented areas
  • master switch for electricity in all rooms
  • breaker contacts on doors/windows for air-conditions
  • units of reverse osmosis and filtration
  • drip irrigations for gardens
  • water saving buttons in all WCs

Information and Events

  • Environmental Days
  • Beach cleaning
  • Cookery with fresh vegetables from the garden
  • Edutainment: Cretan Environment and the nature of Crete
  • Edutainment Seaturtle Caretta Caretta
  • Support of non political organisation Archelon
  • Support of World Environmental Day 5th of June
  • Battery collection box



  • Local, organic products, as well as products from own gardens
  • Avoidance of single packed groceries
  • Waste Management


  • No chemical fertilizers

Human Recourses:

  • Training for the staff to reduce the energy-needs
  • Paper replaced by electronically messages
  • Member of staff as environmental Officer


  • Environmental friendly cleaning products


Staff and regional Development

  • Engagement of local people and business to support the economy, community and protect local traditions
  • Mix of local employees and students around the world
  • Trainings for employees in professional development and additional knowledge (lifeguard, first aid, communication etc.)
  • Local distributors for food and beverages

Information and Events

  • Blood donation once per season in cooperation with the public hospital of Rethymnon
  • Information of local habbits and traditions via facebook
  • Support of local artists (dance, music, art)
  • Member of Staff as csr-Officer

Thank you for helping us achieve
our sustainability policy & environmental goals!

What can you do?

  • Just wash your towels according to requirements
  • Turn off the air condition when not needed
  • Switch off the light when you don't need it
  • Remove not used chargers from the socket
  • Don't let the water run while shaving or brushing teeth
  • Use the water saving button from the toilet
  • Avoid plastic bags for shopping
  • Prefer regional products

Do you have any other ideas to protect the environment and act sustainable?
Please do not hesitate to tell us your opinion, our earth is the only one we have!

Environmental Sustainability Policy
Human Resources policy
Local Community Policy
Quality Assurance Policy
Employee Health and Safety Policy
Anti Discrimination Policy of Violence and Harassment at work

Download Our Sustainability Report.