Rich culture, breathtaking nature, heavenly cuisine, unparalleled hospitality: Greece’s largest island truly has something for everyone.

Here you’ll happen upon Minoan palaces and ruins of legendary cities; medieval Venetian fortifica-tions and historical churches and monasteries; thought provoking museum exhibitions and impromp-tu folk singing and dancing. Come with an open heart, say yes to everything. Trust us.

Crete has been a melting pot of different cultures (being a gateway to North Africa and the Arab world) since the Bronze Age. Perhaps because of that, Cretans take pride in treating strangers like long lost friends — and offering them a glass of raki.

If you love nature, you’ll fall in love with Crete: its spectacular landscapes range from craggy moun-tains and gorges to some of the finest sandy beaches in Greece. Blessed with sunlight most of the year, Crete is also home to superb produce (be prepared to taste some of the best wines, cheeses and olive oil in the country) and a culinary tradition that will linger in your memory long after you return home.