The story of the Troulis Royal Collection started with the spellbinding legend of Georgios Troulis, our founding father, and his endless love for Crete and his family. The company is built on his vision for a strong and bold future for the family business.

A hearty islander, Georgios grew up an orphan with very few possessions. His life, a tale of struggle and survival, is similar in a way to the history of Crete. Through perseverance and pride, he was able to create his own destiny.

Despite his humble beginnings, the island provided him with what he needed to turn things around, initially by owning some livestock. However, the future he had envisioned for his four children was not in agriculture, but in tourism. He dreamed of splendid hotels built on his land, a welcoming place to share the Cretan soul with openhearted travellers from all over the world.

As soon as Georgios was able to buy some land, he laid the foundations for the family’s first property, Troulis Apart-hotel which was built in the 80s. He also ensured that his children studied in the best hospitality schools in the country — a wise investment in the family and his cherished local community.

Once they were back, they worked together to build The Royal Blue, the family’s gem that opened in 2009. And that’s how the Troulis Royal Collection was set in motion.